buy provigil online usa Enjoying food again, from the family recipe box

Welcome to my Cooking Journey It all started with trying to make Christmas cookies in December 2018. Just one problem my family recipes were in NH and I was in AZ. I went home for Christmas that year, and gathered all of the recipe boxes to bring back to AZ with me.

Once back in AZ I started to dig through the boxes. I wanted a better more efficient way to view them. I decided to purchase a 3 ring binder, and plastic insert sheets. This way I can see 6 recipes at once and they are more protected.

There is something very nostalgic about these cursive hand written recipes. Each handwriting so different that I can tell the family member that wrote it. However, I know that they did not create or invent these. Some the might have, although I assume most were copied from somewhere. The time and effort to write them out, to separate them in the wood or tin boxes by either letter or type of food, speaks to me.

I am putting away the cookbooks, no longer looking up recipes online and I am going to cook my way through over 550 recipes. The recipes are from my Grandmother, my Aunt and Great Aunts. All of whom have since past.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me and find some yummy recipes along the way!